New potato salad

new potato saladThis isn’t strictly speaking an allotment harvest, these potatoes have been growing in a grow sack at home, next to the compost bin. Back in the spring when I was chitting my potatoes to prepare them for planting, I came across some of last years harvest which had been forgotten about, but were merrily chitting themselves away without my help. They’d overdone it a bit (being in the dark) so I reduced the length of the stems and placed them in the light next to the others. I decided I may as well try growing them, but at home rather than with the rest of the gang down the plot, in order to keep them separate.

They grew pretty well, but maybe a little too well, as lots of lush top growth doesn’t necessarily result in lots of tubers under the soil. Which was the case here. I sort of hope this is always the case because those on the plot are completely the other way around. Very little top growth, so fingers crossed for a better harvest over there.

Still, we’ve had a couple of meals from them, which I can’t complain about for something that may have otherwise been thrown in the bin. The first lot were simply boiled with garden mint and then dolloped with butter. But I wanted more of a potato salad from these.

Simply wash and boil your spuds for 10 mins in salted water, drain, add 1 spoonful of mayonnaise, a good squeeze of lemon juice and a few torn basil leaves. I also added a spoonful of my homemade garlic scape pesto, but that’s completely optional.

Enjoy your spuds!





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