Chickpea hummus with roasted garlic


I am slightly addicted to hummus. If it’s there in the fridge when I’m feeling hungry, I have to find the nearest thing I can to dunk into it. Occasionally when I have the time I make my own from a tin of pre-cooked chickpeas. It’s so easy to do, I should really make it more often. I usually to stick to the traditional ingredients, chickpeas, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini. On this occasion I didn’t have any tahini, but decided it needed an extra kick at the end so added a bit of paprika, which worked well.

garlic harvest

The garlic that has been growing on the plot since autumn, has started to be lifted. The first couple of rows have come up and are drying out in the sun. There’s a couple more rows to come up at the weekend. So anything I can get garlic in right now is having it. Some of the heads were on the small side, and didn’t seem to have split into cloves. In fact most of them were fine except for a couple, but I decided to roast a few of the smaller heads whole, some to use for this recipe, but also some to keep in the fridge for other dishes.

garlic for roasting

To roast the garlic:

Trim the bottom of the garlic, just enough to give it a stable base, then cut across the top, enough to expose the cloves within. Place in a roasting dish, drizzle with a little olive oil, and roast in a hot oven for around 30-40 mins. Once cooled, squeeze the garlic from their papery skins.

The soft, nutty, garlic paste is great for spreading over pizza bases, mashing into butter for spreading onto pre-roasted meat, to make garlic bread, stirred into past dishes. Possibilities are endless.

To make the hummus:

In a food processor, place the drained chickpeas, a few cloves of the garlic, a glug of olive oil and the juice from half a lemon. Season with salt and pepper and blitz. Then just keep adding oil/lemon/salt to taste and to your desired consistency. I added about half a teaspoon of paprika towards the end.


2 thoughts on “Chickpea hummus with roasted garlic

  1. Allotmental July 3, 2015 at 6:01 pm Reply

    I’ll try this recipe!


  2. Zoe July 3, 2015 at 6:06 pm Reply

    Please do, let me know how you get on.


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