Courgette and pea soup

courgette and pea soup2

The courgettes are showing no sign of letting up. They have maybe slowed a little, but still they push on to the bitter end. A harsh frost is probably the only thing that would stop them in their tracks. That or a nuclear explosion.

Now that the weather has turned down a notch on the temperature dial, I’m feeling the need for soup again. I admit, I have never quite been convinced by courgette soup. Somehow it doesn’t seem like a soup sort of veg, being quite watery and fairly bland, and not exactly comforting. But I decided to try it and I’m glad to say I’ve been proved wrong. It works really well in fact, and produces a lovely silky smooth consistency.

It needs plenty of onion, maybe some garlic would work too, and something to give it a nice colour and extra oomph – I used peas here to keep it green, but you could try roasted red peppers for example.

I roasted the courgette and onion first to caramelise them, which adds an extra sweetness and depth. The peas came straight from the freezer, but do use your own if you grow them. The courgette was one of those oversized ones, bordering on marrow, but you could equally use smaller courgettes or marrows. The result tastes like a lighter than normal pea soup, you wouldn’t know it had courgette in there, but it bulks the soup out well and adds a definite creaminess.

This made enough for 2 generous bowls.

Take 1 large courgette (or a few smaller ones), peel and de-seed them if they’re on the large size, and cut into fat chunks. Throw into a roasting tray along with a large onion cut into wedges, some herbs of your choice (I used thyme), season with salt and pepper and drizzle over a little olive oil.

Place into a pre-heated oven (around 180ºc) and roast for around 30 mins.

Remove from the oven and tip the vegetables into a large saucepan, cover with around 1 pint of vegetable or chicken stock and add a good handful (around 100g) of peas. Put a lid on and simmer until the peas are thoroughly cooked – 10 mins at least, but you could leave it simmering for longer if you’re not in a hurry.

Blitz with a hand blender, or else pour the mixture into a blender and blitz. Add more seasoning if required and a dollop of cream to swirl in.

courgette and pea soup large courgette courgettes for soup



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