Rustic butternut and mustard mash

squash mash 1

Sometimes the simplest dishes are the best, so after debating whether this is really worthy of a recipe post, I decided to add it in celebration of those simple, comforting, but sometimes overlooked dishes.

Aim for roughly an equal amount of potato to squash, and cook as much as you need for the amount of people you are feeding. Peel the butternut or winter squash, deseed and chop into roughly 1 inch square chunks. Peel the potatoes only if they’re very rough skinned, otherwise just give them a good scrub and chop into similar sized chunks as the squash.

Bring a pan of water to the boil and add a pinch of salt. Add the potatoes and cook for 5 minutes, then add the squash and cook for another 5-8 minutes until both are soft.

Drain the vegetables, put them back in the warm pan, add a knob of butter, some cream if you have it, a twist of salt and pepper and a heaped teaspoon of wholegrain mustard. Mash all together.

Perfect on a cold night with sausages or pork chops and onion gravy. If you have any leftovers the next day you can add it to hot chicken or vegetable stock and blend it into a soup.

squash mash 2


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