And so we come to the end of the road on my year long account of my allotment cooking and baking. Thank you very much to everyone who has followed me along the way. It has been a useful, rewarding experience, but not without its trials. There are many recipes I didn’t get to post. Either I didn’t find the time to make the recipe despite planning it, or I made it but never got around to posting it. There were a few times when I forgot to photograph what I made until the final scraping of the plate, doh! Times when the light was so poor that the photos came out terrible, making what was a lovely dish look very unappetising. I take my hat off to all those food bloggers out there who make a far better job of it than me and make it look so easy. Trust me, it isn’t.

Before I go, I have created a new page (in the top red band) for glut recipes. This is a series of links to external websites and blogs, along with links to some recipes on this blog, in order to help with those inevitable gluts that we all get for time to time. The site will remain here for you to use – I’ll be referring back to it myself – so do come back and use it whenever you want. I might come back and add to that list if I find some more recipes to share. And you can continue to follow my allotment activities over on This Blessed Plot.

I hope you have found something useful here, some inspiration if nothing else, because that’s what I look for in recipe books and websites. Just a spark of inspiration for something new.

“Eat food, not too much, mostly plant based.”
Michael Pollan.


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