Recipes for gluts


When you grow your own, it’s inevitable that you’ll get a glut or two at some point. No matter how hard you might try to sow only what you need, and sow successionally throughout the season to spread the crops out, somehow Mother Nature takes over and you get either a drought or a flood of something. You might sow a bit extra to allow for potential disaster, such as a few extra tomato plants just in case of blight, or slug damage, and then they all grow like the clappers and you find yourself with a wheelbarrow full of fruit (I literally did one year). Maybe you were offered some spare courgette plants that you couldn’t say no to, despite that 1 or 2 plants is usually sufficient for most families, or some crops just grow unexpectedly well and engulf the plot.

So the list below aims to help a little with those gluts. They’re based on the gluts I tend to have myself based on what I grow so, for example, there are no runner bean recipes because I don’t grow those. And I haven’t done gluts for potatoes or onions, because in my eyes, there is no such thing as a glut of these crops just a good supply for storing and using through the winter.

Some of the recipes are from this site, but most are external links, some tried and tested in the past, others on my ‘must try in the future’ list, and a few very simple ones detailed here. Listed alphabetically.


Butternut or other winter squash





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