This is a snapshot of my ever growing family of cookery books, with the exception of a few smaller paperbacks. If I had the room I’d probably own twice as many (or more) again. There is something addictive about cookery books, but I have to be quite strict with myself about not owning too many, and in fact the majority of these have been bought for me as presents. The most recent additions here are Jack Monroe’s A Year in 120 Recipes, and Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook, which I received for Christmas, so they may feature heavily to start with. I used to have the notion (as with clothes) that for every new book, I should take the least used one to the charity shop. But that is becoming harder and harder to do.

Along with these, I also take a lot of snippets from recipes that I come across in magazines or (more likely) the weekend newspaper supplements, which are tucked into a plastic loose leaf folder, or sometimes copied out into a notebook. I use food blogs and food websites quite a lot for reference. And then I also occasionally take cookery books from my local library and copy or scan recipes from those. I fully endorse using your library as much as possible, it’s great for those cookbooks that you’re not sure you actually want to own, but maybe want a handful of recipes from, or just to get an idea of whether a book is worth splashing out for.

I have way more recipes than I will ever get around to using. Is it just me? I do have a bad habit of seeing a recipe in a mag, thinking ‘ooh, that looks tasty, I’ll try that’, tearing it out, tucking it away and never looking at it ever again. I also badly neglect my cookbooks, and I am ashamed of that. It’s so easy to just stick with the same old recipes that you know off by heart, than making the extra effort to try something a bit different. But my resolution (even though I hate the concept of new years resolutions) is to change that, and make more effort to use the resources I have.

One thing is for sure, they will be simple recipes. Anything that looks way too complicated or contains obscure ingredients (pomegranate molasses?!) immediately puts me off. Sorry, this isn’t the place to come for anything gourmet, just good, honest, simple food.

I will give full credit for the reference or at least inspiration (I’m not good at sticking religiously to recipes) for everything I post. If there are any particular cookery books that you swear by, I’d be really interested to know.

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